Design ideas for renovating your bathroom

Now we shall discuss some design ideas that will help you in renovating your bathroom and giving it a new look. It is better to stick with a simple design for your bathroom because going into complex designs such as adding curves and different decorative moldings will make it difficult for you to successfully execute the bathroom renovation project. The simpler the design, the more usable it would be. 

White modern bathroom

If you are into modern design, then you can keep your bathroom white and simple. Paint the walls white and install white tiles, but make sure to add a few bold touches to the bathroom as well. 

Black dark bathroom

If you want your bathroom to look elegant then you can paint your walls black but don’t forget to add some color to the bathroom. You can do so by adding beautiful artwork to your bathroom.

Fresh and green bathroom

If you want your bathroom to feel fresh, then you should stick to white walls and add plants on the shelves. Make sure to keep the windows open so that there would be plenty of light in the bathroom.

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