Ready for Bathroom Renovation?

If you are thinking about remodeling or renovating your bathroom then you have come to the right place. Renovating your bathroom is not an easy task, and it takes quite a lot of time to get everything done. Taking care of small details matters a lot when you are renovating your bathroom. Having a proper plan before getting into the renovating project can help you a lot in getting the perfect final result. Here are some of the tips that might help you in renovating your bathroom.

Know your budget

Before getting into the different ideas for renovating your bathroom, it is incredibly important to know what your budget is. You must know how much money you are willing to invest in your bathroom renovation project. Your budget can help you in determining the quality of materials that you would want to purchase for the renovation project. 

Always take measurements beforehand

When renovating your bathroom, you cannot waste your money by getting something with the wrong measurements that do not fit in your bathroom. Note down the measurements of every wall inside the bathroom and prepare a rough sketch to know where you are going to place the tub, toilet, sink, etc.

Don’t replace the tiles

If you are on a tight budget, then I would recommend you not to install new tiles and stick to the old tiles to have that vintage finish in your bathroom. Yes, renovating your bathroom means to give it a new look but it does not mean that you have to change everything inside the bathroom. Furthermore, replacing tiles can cost you a lot and removing the old tiles can be quite difficult and time-consuming. You can spend that time and money on something else in your bathroom to give it a fresh look. However, if you really want to install new tiles, then don’t go for the entire bathroom; cover a small portion of your bathroom with new tiles.

Save some bucks to spend on some high-quality materials

The money that you saved from installing new tiles in your bathroom can be splurged on getting a high-end material that would help in giving a good finish to your bathroom. You can add a designer piece as the center point of your bathroom.

Specify the sanitary ware before tiling or plastering

One common mistake that many people do when renovating their bathroom is that they install new tiles before choosing the location of all the sanitary ware inside their bathroom. It is important for you to specify the location of all the sanitary ware before fixing the tiles in your bathroom.

In our next article, we will share some ideas and tips on bathroom renovation.

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