How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

Are you looking forward to having bathroom remodeling? If yes, several factors impact renovation costs when it comes to bathrooms. In this article, we will be unpacking all the solutions and areas of a bathroom remodel cost and how those living in the Northern Virginia area will be affected.

Bathrooms are areas that get a lot of use daily in every household. This makes them one of the most important spaces prone to be renovated in a home. Bathrooms need to be maintained because no one wants to get ready for in a dingy and outdated bathroom.

One main hurdle for homeowners is that a bathroom remodels cost can be very high! However, most homeowners can lay out a plan and create a bathroom budget. The costs may depend on the size of the bathroom, labor, and any changes to the fixtures and amenities.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Remodelling Cost:

The question is: How much does a bathroom remodel cost? It’s a common question among many homeowners. As a homeowner, you should familiarize yourself with bathroom remodeling costs. There are several factors that affect the cost of remodeling your bathroom. Some of these factors may cause the cost of remodeling your bathroom to skyrocket.

The following are the factors that may affect the cost of remodeling your bathroom in Northern Virginia:

Size of the Bathroom

The bigger the bathroom, the more expensive the renovation will be. Bigger bathrooms often require more labor and materials such as tiling, flooring, or painting. The materials chosen for the bathroom will affect the price of the remodel. The higher the price of the materials, the more the renovation will cost.

The bathroom size may increase depending on the amenities and other facilities present in the bathroom. Therefore, sometimes it’s hard to reduce the cost of renovating the bathroom since it’s not advisable to reduce the size of the bathroom. In fact, a larger bathroom is more comfortable to use than a small-spaced bathroom. However, if you go for a large bathroom, prepare to incur more cost on remodeling.

Small bathroom cost

Bathroom Layout

A bathroom layout is one of the most costly items in home renovation. Layout involves rearranging the fixtures to have a favorite outlook. There is plumbing and electrical work involved. In most cases, the layout is reorganized to increase the floor space of the bathroom. Therefore, the increase in space will increase the cost of remodeling the bathroom.

There is also more labor, hours, and fixtures need to suit the new space ad layout. The more time taken to install the new layout, the more cost will be incurred by the homeowner. A classic layout costs more hence increasing the overall cost of remodeling the bathroom.

Electrical work

The more electrical works there is, the more costly it will be to remodel the bathroom. Electrical works involve rewiring and fixing electrical appliances such as the hot shower. The rewiring materials are expensive; hence it becomes costly if you will use more materials during the installations and reinstallation. Some electrical appliances in the bathroom are costly, hence adding up the cost of remodeling the bathroom.

There are specific electrical appliances for the bathroom. The special bathroom electrical appliances cost higher than the rest. Even the special bathroom electrical appliances cost differently. Selecting expensive electrical appliances raises your bathroom remodeling cost.

Plumbing works

The plumbing activities affect your overall cost of remodeling the bathroom. Plumbing works involves the installation of fixtures such as faucets, sinks, tubs, and toilet. Plumbing fixtures cost differently as some are more expensive than others. If you go for more expensive plumbing fixtures, then your general cost of remodeling will skyrocket. For an average bathroom remodel cost, consider using plumbing fixtures that cost fairly.

Also, prolonged plumbing works will cost more. Hence, if the plumbing activities take more days, then your overall remodeling cost will increase.

Type of flooring

There are numerous flooring options when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Bathroom flooring is different from ordinary room flooring. They should be waterproof, hence will cost differently. You may opt for vinyl sheets, engineered wood, laminate, cork, concrete, or ceramic tiles. Attractive and durable bathroom flooring materials are more costly

All these bathroom flooring materials cost differently. Some are expensive, especially engineered wood, while others cost fairly. Therefore, if you select expensive flooring materials, it will raise the cost of remodeling the bathroom.


Bathroom amenities are all items required by a guest while in your bathroom. The amenities to be installed affect the cost of remodeling the bathroom. Bathroom amenities include jet tubs, heated floors, heat lamps, and towel warmers. These amenities are costly; hence the installation of expensive amenities raises the overall cost of remodeling the bathroom.


The bathroom cabinet comes at different prices. Some cabinets, especially pre-made bathroom cabinets, are costly. Also, big box cabinets are expensive than small cabinets as they use more material. The materials the cabinets are made from also affect the cost of installing them. Some materials, especially ones that can withstand a tough environment, cost more than others. Therefore, an expensive cabinet installation increases the overall bathroom remodeling cost.


The bathroom lighting should be waterproof. In most cases, the bathroom source of lightings is through LED bulbs. The LED bulbs cost more than ordinary. However, the cost of installing lights may differ depending on the company and type of LED lighting you buy.

Secondly, good bathroom remodels contain different types of lighting. For instance, you may install under-cabinet and recessed lightings. The different types of lighting cost differently. Therefore, an expensive lighting installation will increase the overall cost of remodeling the bathroom.

Bathroom cost in 2021

Luxury Additions.

Luxurious fixtures are normally expensive. An ordinary bathroom can work without them, but they make the bathroom look awesome. Luxury additions end up increasing the cost of remodeling your bathroom. However, if you are capable of incurring the cost, go for it. It makes the bathroom look classic, hence increasing the value of the house.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories include items like toilet roll holders, soap holders, etc. After remodeling the bathroom, you can’t afford to install the old and rusty accessories to your new finish. Some bathroom accessories are expensive while others are cheaper. The more the accessories cost, the more the cost of remodeling the entire bathroom.

Charges by the bathroom remodeling company

Bathroom remodeling companies charges differently for their services. Some companies charge exorbitant prices for the same kind of service. However, it would be best if you avoided cheap bathroom remodeling companies as some offer substandard services. A fairly charging bathroom remodeling firm should offer a warranty for the services rendered. Therefore, the price quoted by the contracted firm will affect the overall cost of remodeling your bathroom.

Bathroom storage spaces

Remodeling the bathroom to include large storage space costs more as compared to a bathroom without storage facilities. The storage solutions are for bathroom items such as shower gels and shampoo.

The materials used in the storage spaces cost differently. Some are expensive while others are affordable. Therefore, expensive storage materials will increase the cost of remodeling the bathroom.

Source of bathroom remodeling materials

Material coming directly from the manufacturing industry is much cheaper compared to materials obtained from intermediaries. Therefore, sourcing bathroom renovation materials from intermediaries raise the overall cost of remodeling the bathroom. This is the reason some homeowners decide to get the bathroom remodeling materials directly from the industry.

Geographical location

The cost of remodeling any bathroom will depend on the geographical location of the house. The cost of labor and materials varies depending on where the remodeling is taking place. The cost of remodeling in some regions is higher than in other regions. For instance, bathroom remodeling in towns is higher than in rural areas. Therefore, if you are in a region where the cost of labor and materials is high, your cost of bathroom remodeling will be higher.

A Private Home, Apartment, or Condo bathroom remodeling.

Remodeling bathrooms in apartments and condos in cities is much expensive than private homes. Some apartments may have regulations limiting the working hours, for instance stopping remodeling work at 3:30 pm daily, hence it will cost more to remodel bathrooms in such houses.

Reconfiguring or replacing.

Reconfiguring certain features of the bathroom costs less than replacing some features in a bathroom. Replacing involves minor work. Reconfiguring involves restructuring what already existed, hence making the work costly. Reconfiguring brings about more challenges in plumbing, hence costing more.

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Verdict on the Bathroom remodel cost.

When deciding on how to remodel your bathroom, ensure you seek professional advice from a reputable contractor. A bathroom has to be appealing to you and your family. Therefore, get the best bathroom remodel that will suit your needs.

Never think of DIY on your bathroom remodeling. Some homeowners think of doing the remodeling by themselves to reduce the cost of remodeling the bathroom. No matter how costly the exercise is, let a reputable firm do the bathroom remodeling. Failure to that, you will regret later for have poorly done remodeling.

If you want to avoid unnecessary remodeling costs, avoid improper wiring, corroded plumbing, and framing damage. Bathroom renovations will always affect the value of the building, hence should be appropriately done.

Lastly, when preparing to do bathroom remodeling, it’s advisable to ask for estimates from the contractor. Also, request to get multiple samples of their work, and then you can choose how your bathroom remodeling should be done. It is also advisable to have a miscellaneous budget ready to cater to emergencies.

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